Our trading API offers unlimited access to the foreign exchange market and is fully integrated with our global network to offer mass payments and real-time services, all at extremely competitive rates. The FX API is designed to help you automate your integration with the Probitas Fidelis platform.

1.Global Payments

A global payments network, delivering a complete cross-border payout solution in over 130 currencies


Bulk pays multiple recipients across multiple currencies through a simple file upload

3.Sanction Screening

Our API is able to detect “red flags” instantly through constantly updated agency data, and protect
against sanctions violations to keep your transactions flowing.

4.Compliance Regulations

Maintain compliance with the latest international legislation, ensuring that your payments are never
compromised. Our API will keep you complaint.

5.Dual authorisation

Dual authorisation: Increase the security of your payments and reduce human error with the platform’s
four eyes authorisation functionality.

6.Automatic Validation

Ensure all your payments are delivered on time by automating country rules. Probitas Fidelis knows
what information is needed to prevent avoidable returns.

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