Manage your cross border cash flow with our innovative multi-currency account, collect and pay in multiple currencies and convert your balances from one currency to another. Our secure technology puts you in control of your finances 24/7. Reduce friction and costs by allowing your customers and business partners to pay more efficiently.
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View balances in multiple currencies online 24/7 and manage cash efficiently
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Improve cash flow
Automate payments to gain instant access to your capital.
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Achieve better rates
Let us know you ideal exchange rate, and we will monitor the market for you.

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Probitas Fidelis Limited is registered in England and Wales 07619383.

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 596481.

Registered with HMRC AML as Money Service Business 12666773.

London Stock Exchange LEI 213800HQ7Q2HS26LMC48.