Probitas Fidelis Ltd is a financial institution based in the city of Oxford. It was founded in 2013 as a derivatives trading house, facilitating electronic market screen-based trading of futures, options and equity CFDs for professional traders and corporate clients.

Since then, Probitas Fidelis has steadily grown from its initial base of a few trading associates in Oxford to become a global trading facilitation company serving traders across the world, with offices in UK, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary and Switzerland.

Probitas Fidelis economies of scale have allowed it to take an inclusive approach. By investing time and resources in its clients, it has built business partnerships and relationships that have strengthened the entire association to the benefit of all.

To ensure best practice, Probitas Fidelis is fully licensed and authorised to operate in the United Kingdom by both the Financial Conduct Authority FCA and Her Majesty Revenue & Customs HMRC. Equally, we are fully compliant and authorised by the Central Banks of the European Union and its member states.


Established Offices in Oxford
FCA Registration Granted
HMRC AML Licence Granted


First Recruits Hired
Moved to Larger Offices
£100M Turnover
Fidelis Dublin is Established
First TV Appearance Swiss Channel
London Stock Exchange LEI Granted


Bloomberg Rankings
Oxfordshire New Business Award Winner
£1bn FX Turnover
Moved to Larger Offices
Money market UK Column


Lisbon Office Established
FCA and HMRC Licence for Investment
Asset & Wealth Management Licence Granted in Switzerland
Opening Offices in Geneva