As part of our compliance policy, Fidelis has to adhere to stringent 'Know Your Client' requirements in order to verify the legitimacy of each business before we offer any of our services.

The Compliance Department aims to ensure the overall co-ordination of the management of compliance risk at Probitas Fidelis. It oversees the implementation and correct application of the laws, rules, regulations and the recommendations and guidelines issued by supervisors and other competent authorities. It is also competent in the co-ordination, implementation and execution of the plan for the Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.


Furthermore, it has responsibilities to ensure the definition and execution of Probitas Fidelis’ policies comply with applicable national, community and international laws. In order to carry out a continual management of compliance risk, the following general tasks are performed:

    • Ensuring that the ethic of the governing bodies, senior personnel and other employees of the company is in conformity with legal provisions, the statutes and the rules, standards, regulations, recommendations and guidelines of the relevant regulatory and supervisory entities
    • Ensuring that the internal policies and procedures stemming from the applicability of compliance matters are being complied with
    • Ensuring that the behaviour of Fidelis’ various executives, employees and clients conforms to the principles and rules laid down in the code of conduct in force
    • Guaranteeing the implementation and execution of the plan for the Prevention and Combat against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism