About Probitas Fidelis

Probitas Fidelis Ltd is a liquidity and financial services provider designed to meet the needs of corporate businesses treasury activities and functionalities. Using its purchasing power, Probitas Fidelis guarantees its clients access to competitive products and services through a world-class personable trader service.

Corporates and institutions choose our services to efficiently secure their hedging needs as Probitas Fidelis is able to provide clients with more competitive pricing structures than those currently given by existing banking relationships and other service providers.

Probitas Fidelis is a relationship-based business. We build long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships built on a combination of trust, best execution, proactivity and service. As a privately owned company with no external shareholders to answer to, and a business that is not involved in lending or credit markets, you can be assured that security and confidentiality are an integral part of our success.